2019. Suzanne Phoenix. IWD 2019



Acacia is a queer, fat, femme artist hailing from Canada (Turtle Island). Based between Toronto and Melbourne in Australia.

Her work covers a broad spectrum of topics all on the line of being too much of something and not enough of something else. Focused mainly in the realms of drag performance art and curation, she's constantly looking for new ways to touch on the complex intersectionality of being a multi-faceted feminist.

Constantly travelling, and changing their stage name, Acacia has performed across Canada, the US and Australia and been featured in many news outlets including BuzzFeed, NOW Toronto, ABC (Australia), Refinery29, Hazlitt, Toronto Star, Barrier Daily Truth, etc.

Holding an honours diploma in arts management, Acacia has learned and developed a large portion of his practice via life experience, attending events and making connections and lots of private classes and workshops. It’s ever-evolving and based heavily on life as a queer, fat, femme navigating the modern world while exploring culture, community, prejudices and a very dark yet optimistic sense of humour.

She has been described as fiercely feminist and fabulously f***ked up, utterly revolting, glamorous with a dash of disgusting, icon, legend, star, large and in charge and a unique treat that ca'n’t be found elsewhere.

A broad abroad, a fagabond, always on the move.*

*Except for dancing, haven’t quite figured that out yet