2011                       Honours Diploma, Harris Institute for the Arts, Arts Management


2010-Present       Self, Quay Media, Closed Caption Editor for film + television
2018 Honcho Disko, Host, The 86 Club, Melbourne, VIC
2018 Mutant Beauty, Performer, Sydney, NSW
2018 Hellfire, Performer, Sydney, NSW
2018 Birdoir, Performer, Hares + Hyenas, Melbourne, VIC
2018 Drag Roulette, Performer, Mollie’s Bar + Diner, Melbourne, VIC
2018 Barba, Performer, Haus of Barba, Melbourne, VIC
2018 Kong’s: Sci-Fi Frightmare, Performer, 24 Moons, Melbourne, VIC
2018 UMAMI: U SCARY, Performer, Laundry Bar, Melbourne, VIC
2018 Trans Magic (Melbourne Fringe), Performer, Lithuanian Club (Fringe Hub), Melbourne, VIC
2018                       Cocoa Butter Club, Performer, Melba Spiegeltent, Melbourne, VIC
2018                       Honcho Disko, Performer, The 86 + Imperial Hotel, Melbourne + Sydney
2018                       TAINT, Performer, Hares + Hyenas, Melbourne, VIC
2018                       Magic Hands, Participant, Melbourne, VIC
2018                       River Country Campaign, Performer, Menindee Lakes + Broken Hill
2018                       Queerbourhood, Performer, The Bearded Tit, Sydney, NSW
2018                       Step into the Ring…, Workshop Facilitator, Rule 34, Sydney, NSW
2018                       Rule 34, Performer, Camelot Lounge + Red Rattler, Sydney, NSW
2018                       Oyster Club, Performer, Knox Street Bar, Sydney, NSW
2018                       Canned Fruits, Performer, Secret Garden Bar, Sydney, NSW
2018                       Cult Sundays, Performer, Secret Garden Bar, Sydney, NSW
2018                       Word Crimes of Accessibility, Performer, Various Venues, Melbourne, VIC
2018                       Two-fer-None, Programmer, A Fan’s Notes, Melbourne, VIC
2017                       Halloween Mask Massacre, Sculptor/Contributor (Snit Mask), Northern Contemporary, Toronto
2017-Present       Summer Camp, Programmer, The Royal Cinema, Toronto, ON
2017                       Love Your Body Issue, Featured Artist/Model, NOW Toronto, Print
2017                       Signature Groove: Inside Out Gala, Performer, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON
2016                       Island Rumble III, Performer (Doughnut Messaround), Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
2016                       Step into the Ring…, LOLW Workshop Facilitator at SKETCH, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, ON
2016                       Future 33, Performer (LOLW/Doughnut Messaruond), Younger than Beyonce Gallery
2015                       Lumumba by Ian Keteku, Music Video
2014-2016            Femmezuigiri, Arts Collective Head, Online
2015                      G.L.O.R.Y: Plague of Blood, Performer/Facilitatorr, Buzz Mill, Austin, TX
2015                      Dread-cade, Contributor (No Guts, No Gore-Y), Gamma Space, Toronto, ON
2015                      No Guts, No Gore-Y, Artist/Programmer, Dames Making Games, Toronto, ON
2015                      Island Rumble II, Performer (Doughnut Messaround), Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
2015                      Visual Artists Project Grant, Island Rumble II, Toronto Arts Council, Toronto, ON
2015                      Pan Am Arcade, Contributor (Skin Tight Bitch Fight), Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON
2015                      Skin Tight Bitch Fight, Writer/Producer, Dames Making Games, Toronto, ON
2015                      Serial Killer Cabaret, Performer (Serial Mom), Sideshows by the Seashore, Coney Island, NY
2014                      Bent Supreme: A Busted Beauty Pageant, Contestant/Miss Congenital Warts, Gladstone Hotel
2014                      Victory Commonwealth Women’s, Performer, Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON
2014                      Island Rumble, Performer (Doughnut Messaround), Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
2014-Present       Member, League of Lady Wrestlers, Toronto, ON
2014                      John Waters Trash Bash, Producer/Curator/Performer, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON
2014                      Serving Fish, Performer, Various Venues
2014                      Under the She, Producer/Curator, Sideshows by the Seashore, Coney Island, NY
2014                      I Still Can’t Believe It’s Not Bowie, Producer/Curator, Clinton’s, Toronto, ON
2013-2014            Trailer Sass, Producer/Curator, The Beaver, Toronto, ON
2013                      Hairspray, Performer, Various Venues
2013                      I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bowie Again, Producer/Curator, Cherry Cola’s, Toronto, ON
2012                      Snackcercise, Performer, Various Venues
2012                      CMW Daytime Show
2012                      I Can’t Believe He’s Not White, Producer/Curator, The Garrison, Toronto, ON
2012                      I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bowie, Producer/Curator, The Garrison, Toronto, ON
2011-2015            Don’t Touch That Dial, Producer/Curator of a musical series, Various Venues, Toronto


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